Advances in medical technology have enabled people to live longer. However, we do not want our lives to be just about living long; we want them to be lives of happiness. Happiness begins with a rich heart. People have enriched their hearts with hugs, exchanging love, praising, and comforting each other. We will use technology to advance hugging, transcending time, distance, and concepts to create as many beginnings of happiness in the world as possible. Our first challenge is to start with a new hug experience in which you embrace yourself.

Hugging causes the brain to produce a hormone called oxytocin.
This hormone creates a sense of interpersonal connection and trust,
strengthens emotional attachment, and reduces stress.
It has also been found to increase feelings of happiness.

Neuroscientist / Yoshikuni Edagawa

Even as developments in medicine have lengthened our lives, the world has seen a rise in depression and other mental health problems. The Hugtics project uses technology to evolve a new way of hugging that transcends time, distance, and perception, with the goal of bringing more joy and happiness to our world.
First of all, the Hugtics create the experience of hugging yourself.

Hugtics is a wearable device with artificial muscles woven into it. By wearing this garment and hugging a torso equipped with pressure sensors, hugging data is measured and fed back to the artificial muscles to create an unprecedented experience of giving yourself a hug.

The sensors detect the wearer’s brainwaves to measure changes in various emotions related to happiness and, through a unique algorithm, visualize the positive effects of Hugtics.

The device reads changes in brain waves during the hug, and uses a unique algorithm to convert them into happiness levels which are then displayed via LED lights attached to the user’s vest.

Nobuhiro Takahashi

髙橋 宣裕

Nobuhiro Takahashi is a researcher who produces work in Humanoid Robot and Haptic Interface from the scientific, artistic and philosophical aspects.
Nobuhiro Takahashi
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